The Three Es

Mike Ertel


  • Addressing underperformance
  • Young teacher mentoring
  • Summer camps
  • More STEM & CTE
  • Increased support for CCBC career certifications


  • More parks, walking & biking trails, dog parks
  • Expanded tree canopy
  • Rain gardens on commercial properties
  • Solar panels on County buildings

Enhanced Public Safety

  • Police-monitored camera systems
  • Force multipliers
  • Take-home police cars
  • More mental health professionals
  • Auxiliary police
  • Tech strategies

What matters to you is what matters to Mike

What matters to you is what matters to Mike

Mike has extensive hands-on experience on the issues facing county residents.
He believes in:

Towson Estates

Safe and Vibrant Neighborhoods

Strong Rec Councils & recreational opportunities

Strong Rec Councils and
Recreational Opportunities

Shop With a Cop

Commitment to Community Service

Cooperative Development

Giving residents a say in how their communities are developed, and working with developers to make good projects happen.

Stronger Community Schools

Pushing county government to think in new ways about our schools and their importance to communities.

Safer Neighborhoods

Maintaining our good quality of life in Baltimore County.

New Greenspace and Walking Trails

Central Baltimore County has a deficit of parkland and recreational opportunities.

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